MacGyver Might Be Headed for the Big Screen

MacGyver to get the Big Screen treatment

There’s good news floating amidst the crowd of 80s rehashes being adapted to films. The fine folks over at Gizmodo are reporting that MacGyver, a man that could take down Jack Bauer one-on-one, is planning an escape from the terrorist holding cell of television and into a theater near you.

Series creator Lee David Zlotoff recently expressed his plans for a “big budget” film version of the iconic television series. Just how big that budget will be is uncertain.

It’s also uncertain as to whether Zlotoff will be approaching Richard Dean Anderson to reprise the role. Since the success of this type of movie rides mostly on the nostalgia factor, the casting question is going to be an important one.

And there’s no reason Anderson couldn’t pull it off. He’s not even sixty, and Ol’ Angus MacGyver was a thinking man’s hero, only occasionally using his brawn while mostly using his brain.

But why does Zlotoff need a giant budget anyway? Can’t he finagle himself a movie with a disposable razor, three breath mints, a tub of mayonnaise that’s gone bad and a trained seal?

I promise that’s the only MacGyverism joke I’ll throw into the mix, but expect that to reemerge into popular culture if this movie goes forward. The good news is that it could always lead to a film featuring “Chuck Norris”, a man who can drain your blood with his mind, invented Neptune, and can chop down a tree with his manhood. Mark my words, social memes as movies is the next big thing.

Oh, and this movie could also mark the return of the mullet, so get ready for that Movie Style Guy Feature coming in 2010. Who knew one character could have such a cultural impact?