Logan Who? A Final Trailer Paints X-23 as the New Wolverine

By  · Published on January 19th, 2017

New franchise, anyone?

Today we got our presumably final look at James Mangold’s Logan, the third solo Wolverine film with Hugh Jackman, and if you thought it looked incredible before, prepare to have your expectations shifted even higher. Check it out:

We were promised a dark, grittier film that was going to earn every bit of its R-rating, and it certainly looks like that’s what we’re getting. There’s nothing comic book about this flick from the looks of it (aside from the character origins and the actual comic books shown in the trailer) and if anything, especially as the Mexican border setting adds a dash of both beauty and severity the other X-films have been lacking, Logan would seem to be a closer kin to Sicario or The Rover than any of its own franchise. In fact, you take the claws and the healing factor out of this, and basically it’s Hanna in the desert, which is a very good thing. I’m loving the suit-no-tie, From Dusk Til Dawn look Logan’s rocking, and between his physical state and the meaningful aphorisms he’s tossing out left and right, you just know something horrible is going to happen to Professor X. But for my money, the real standout here is Dafne Keen, the little girl playing X-23, Logan’s cloned daughter. She’s got sass, gumption, and a mean streak that makes her come across like if Eleven from Stranger Things was raised by wolves instead of scientists. Plus, those claws. Get ready to see those on every little girl this Halloween.

I’m calling it now – we might never get another Wolverine movie (starring Hugh Jackman), but there’s about to be a market for an X-23 franchise; god forbid she joins Josh Boone’s New Mutants project, because that would be probably too awesome to handle. In the meantime we still have one Wolverine movie to go, and it seems Mangold, Jackman and team have truly saved the best for last. Find out March 3rd when Logan opens everywhere.

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