Learn Filmmaking from Werner Herzog

By  · Published on July 11th, 2016

Meet This Week’s Sponsor: MasterClass

We are delighted to welcome a new site sponsor for the coming week: MasterClass.

We can think of no sponsor more relevant to our readers than MasterClass, a company dedicated to providing everyone access to some of today’s genius-level instructors. They not only enable you to learn from legends such as Kevin Spacey, Dustin Hoffman, Aaron Sorkin, and more, they do so in a way that’s affordable and easy to use.

This week, MasterClass is launching a new course in which legendary filmmaker Werner Herzog teaches filmmaking. It officially launches on Tuesday, but here’s a pro-tip: you can sign up now and receive early access. We’ve been playing with it over the weekend and have found it to be a highly engaging experience. Herzog’s course covers a wide range of topics, including what you can learn from watching films to the negotiation skills necessary to make it in the industry. It’s a $90 course that is likely to be more useful than anything you can find at film school at an exponentially better price.

We’re excited to welcome MasterClass to Film School Rejects as our presenting sponsor this week and we hope you’ll check them out at MasterClass.com.

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