‘Kung Fu Kid’ Pics Have Already Made Someone Vomit

By  · Published on December 1st, 2009

Even despite what I’m hoping is endearingly well-written sarcasm on her part, the new pictures from Karate Kid remake The Kung Fu Kid were posted up over at Latino Review by the always-talented Genevieve “ScarletScribe” Blaber who totally didn’t vomit while looking at them. A coup for her, but Kelvin from the site wasn’t so lucky, and he made that clear on the twitter (and I have to assume he was being literal as Twitter frowns on hyperbole).

So at least one person has regurgitated because of these pictures.

Do you dare see them for yourself?

Of course you do! They’re probably in full view as we speak considering our sleek page layout!

I bravely avoiding throwing up, but I didn’t bravely avoid forming an opinion which I’ll deliver picture by picture.

  1. Montage!
  2. Rejected clip from Kidz Bop version of “Just the Two of Us” music video.
  3. Holy shit, he’s the one. That’s actually really impressive, and I now feel bad for being a judgmental asshole.
  4. Rejected clip from real version of “Just the Two of Us” music video.

Now that damned song is stuck in my head.

Buildin’ castles in the skyyyyy! What do you think?

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