Kirby ‘Everything is a Remix’ Ferguson’s TED Talk Wants Us To Rethink Creativity

By  · Published on August 15th, 2012

Almost two years ago, Kirby Ferguson joined me on Reject Radio to discuss his concept that everything was a remix. This was just after creating his first video which used side-by-side comparisons of songs to show that even our heroes (namely Led Zeppelin) lifted work from other artists and from traditionals in order to craft songs we now think of as iconic. There was no doubt that this same principle could be applied to movies, and it was unsurprising when Ferguson followed up with a film-centric entry.

So, Everything is a Remix. “Transforming the old into the new is Hollywood’s greatest talent.” Ferguson, through impressive and entertaining editing, has called to the forefront the truth of creativity involving a great amount of borrowing, homage and sometimes flat-out theft. Now, he’s been invited to give a TED talk, and as you can see, his main focus isn’t movies, but the consequences of a new way of looking at creation certainly encompasses the world of motion pictures.

Now, hopefully someone can take this TED talk and set it to dubstep, mashed up with shots from Everything is Illuminated to create the “Everything is an Illuminated Remix Remix.” Then someone can take that video and mash it up with shots from Everything Must Go. This thing could go on forever. Can we please make that happen? Or at least auto-tune it?

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