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Hollywood Legend Olivia de Havilland to Write Autobiography

By  · Published on July 15th, 2009

If you know me personally, follow me on twitter (please don’t), or if you’re outside my window every day stalking me (Hi, Maureen!) then you’ll know that while Neil delights in having excuses to search for scandalous pictures of Megan Fox, I find a certain thrill in finding images of Golden Era Hollywood actresses. All you really have to do is scope my list of the Sexiest Gangster Girlfriends to realize that I have a slight preoccupation with the likes of Mae Clark and Virginia Mayo, and of course I have to constantly avoid choosing Jean Arthur films for Old Ass Movies so I don’t get accused of favoritism.

As you might guess, I have to do the same for Olivia de Havilland – even if I did end up writing about her when I wrote up Captain Blood.

The woman was gorgeous and talented in her prime, stealing scenes left and right with her trademark smile and epic-style presence. Now, at the young-old-age of 93, she is finally going to write an autobiography about her experiences during the early 20th century in some of the most well-loved movies of all time. The Adventures of Robin HoodHush, Hush Sweet Charlotte…and, of course, Gone With the Wind.

The book will most likely be a fantastic read about the life of a star during the developmental years of Hollywood, what it was like for a women in an overtly male-dominated world, and how she landed some of her more iconic roles. I assume it will also attempt to set the record straight on her relationship with Errol Flynn – one that she’s always maintained was purely professional.

Ireland’s Independent was able to get an interview with the legend (where she announces her intention to write the book), and the whole article is a fantastic read. It’s definitely very cool to see that she still carries herself the same way she did when she stepped onto sound stages all those years ago.

And, since we’ve got this little news about her, I suppose that’s reason enough to search for images, huh?

Don’t judge me.

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