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Upcoming Henson Biopic Not Written by Fozzie Bear

The legend of Jim Henson will come to life on the big screen. Most likely it will involve the use of puppets.
By  · Published on February 5th, 2008

When you grow up watching The Muppet Christmas Carol every holiday season, this is the kind of news you hope for. Empire Film Group, Inc. snagged the production and distribution rights for Henson, a biopic about the outlandish entertainer, penned by relative newcomer Robert Slane.

Our friends over at have the details of what sounds like a solid production with major potential for a wide release.

Henson’s name alone should attract some names to the project, and a budget of $30 million doesn’t hurt either. It’s still unclear as to whether Brian Henson, Jim Henson’s son and voice of the Talking Sandwich in Muppets From Space, or Henson’s production company will be involved.

I haven’t read the script yet, but if I can offer an unsolicited ending it would have to involve a space ship landing at the beach to take Jim Henson back to his home planet, and after an impromptu funk-jam session, Henson decides that his home has been with Kermit and the gang all along. Jeffrey Tambor will then get some sort of come-uppance.

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