‘Half-Blood Prince’ Crosses the $100 Million Mark in 24 Hours

By  · Published on July 17th, 2009

Not only has Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince nailed down the record for most money made for midnight showings (at a modest $22 million), the film can now claim another title – it’s the best opening of any Harry Potter film yet. It’s also forced over $100 million from the pockets of movie-goers here in the United States and overseas for a ridiculous 24-hour total of approximately $104 million.

According to Variety, the film has made more in one day than I will ever make in my lifetime. Or in 20 of my lifetimes. If I’m being generous to myself.

I have to believe that this is partly owed to the buzz being generated for the film. It’s also the best-reviewed of the franchise so far, and word-of-mouth reactions have actually been great despite more than a few fans disappointed in the tone of the film or in, say, the ending. I also have to believe that we might be seeing this reaction because of Warners’ decision to push the film back to this Summer. It wasn’t in too tough a position last winter, but no studio was foolish enough to open anything major against it, giving it a slight edge in the record-making category.

Now imagine that it’s back in late 1999, and you’re Daniel Radcliffe’s parents who are skeptical about letting him join the production because the fame might be too great. Now think about how close you came to kicking yourself in the face for passing up the opportunity. I have a feeling that this opening has especially proved to them that they made the right decision. Never having to work again is sort of just icing on the cake.

I also have to believe that part of the film’s success is due to my incredible interview with Bonnie Wright who plays Ginny Weasley that’s tearing up the internet right now. It was probably that last little exposure that pushed the film over the $100 million edge.

All kidding aside, this is a ridiculously impressive feat.

Oh, and if you were interested, not counting this picture, so far the production budget for all the Potter films has been right at $655 million. The gross revenue? Right at $4.49 billion. Essentially, the productions have almost septupled their money. That’s not a real mathematical term, but you get my drift. To put it in perspective, there’s no way you’ll ever gain perspective on how much money that is.

Incredible right?

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