Game of Thrones: The Best Moments of ‘The Last of the Starks’

Ships sailed, ships sank, multiple characters got shot down and some old friends hit the road.
Game Of Thrones Last Of The Starks
By  · Published on May 7th, 2019

Pour One Out for Rhaegal

Lastofthestarks Rhaegal

So Gendry wasn’t the only one to get shot down this episode. While Daenerys and Jon’s armies were saving the realm from the Night King, Cersei and company were making a whole bunch of scorpions to replace the one Drogon roasted last season. All things considered, Rhaegal’s death wasn’t too much of a surprise, especially considering how well Jon Snow’s been taking the whole “I’m a Targaryen” news (read: not well at all). Still, brutal.


Lastofthestarks Missandei

Missandei’s death was really rough. And to be honest, having the only woman of color left on the show, who spent most of her life enslaved, dying in chains like that felt more than a little slimy. But no matter my qualms about how Missandei’s journey came to an end, she was a woefully underappreciated badass, and her last stand deserves recognition. Some might say Daenerys is too angry, but I say, after this, she’s just angry enough. Burn them all, Dany. Burn. Them. All.

Co-Producers Annick Wolkan and Oliver Butler

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Oh thank goodness it’s finally over.

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