Game of Thrones: The Best Moments of ‘The Last of the Starks’

Ships sailed, ships sank, multiple characters got shot down and some old friends hit the road.
Game Of Thrones Last Of The Starks
By  · Published on May 7th, 2019

Murder Buddies Hit the Road, Take Two

Lastofthestarks Murder Buds

We’re in the final countdown to CleganeBowl, y’all, and season 4’s dream team is back at it again. Their conversation was alarmingly fatalistic in tone, particularly on Arya’s side, but hopefully, Sandor’s latent paternal tendencies will kick in once again and he’ll be able to convince Arya that she doesn’t need to follow the same path he has.

Brienne and Jaime Finally Happened

Lastofthestarks Jaime Brienne

The moment we all saw coming—except for maybe Tormund, who rallied like a champ—finally arrived. Our favorite battle couple sealed the deal and even did the whole domesticity thing for like five seconds before Jaime decided he had to go after Cersei. Brienne, an actual goddamn knight, deserved a whole lot more than getting turned into the broken-hearted lady love who cries as her man rides off to battle, but I have every faith that she’ll rally. Ser Brienne of motherfucking Tarth does not just watch from the sidelines.

Tyrion Got to Make Tall People Jokes

Lastofthestarks Jaime Laugh

He had waited a long time for this moment, and finally, there it was. Look at that smile—he was so happy! Tyrion can still be happy? I didn’t know that. Wait, nevermind, the moment’s gone.

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