Friedberg and Seltzer Spoofing ‘Twilight’ On August 18th

By  · Published on May 24th, 2010

I believe that Twilight’s first mistake is that it made a ton of money. It’s second mistake is that it has a dedicated fan base and an equally dedicated group of detractors.

That’s what singled them out to be mocked poorly by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer.

According to Cinematical (via The Arrow), their latest movie doesn’t have a title, but it does have a release date and a purpose: to make fun of a movie that comes out a few weeks before it does.

In fact, the timing here does make the release reminiscent of what The Asylum achieves with their no-budget knock offs.

I will lay down $100 that says they have a Lady Gaga joke in it. Because when you think vampire parody, you think wildly-dressed pop singers. In fact, there’s a small chance they might even have someone dressed up as MacGruber, painted blue like a Na’vi, and getting deported from Arizona.

I’m guessing that’s how it ends. The vampires all get caught for being illegals by a redneck with a giant novelty cowboy hat.

Count it.

Why? Why!

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