Final Trailer for ‘The Three Stooges’ or, Even Getting Poked In the Eye Is Better Than This

By  · Published on March 21st, 2012

“Before Jackass, there was dumbass.” And thus begins another marketing push for Peter and Bobby Farrelly’s’ take on The Three Stooges, a freak show of an adaptation of a reasonably beloved property. Dear Hollywood, I know you’ve run out of ideas, but this is just below the belt. And don’t tell me that the Farrellys have wanted to make the film for years and years, as if that is some sort of reason that should excite me and titillate me. They also made Shallow Hal and that dismal Heartbreak Kid remake, they don’t hold any sort of cache any longer. There’s Something About Mary was a long, long, looooong time ago.

If you’re a masochist or just a fan of not-good movies, check out the supposed final (oh, please, please, let this be the last one) trailer for The Three Stooges after the break.

The Three Stooges hits theaters in the face and the nuts on April 13. May God have mercy on all our souls. [Yahoo! Movies]

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