The Fantastic Wes Anderson: The Director and His Influences Side-by-Side

By  · Published on February 22nd, 2017

A new video pools inspiration from the world of film, art, and more.

For as wholly unique a filmmaker as Wes Anderson is, he’s also, naturally, a ardent admirer of film and of the directors who have come before him, people like Jacques Tati, Alfred Hitchcock, David Lean, and Stanley Kubrick, among others.

But it isn’t just film in which Mr. Anderson is well-versed. He’s also an astute student of art, history, literature, fashion, politics, and a whole slew of sciences. This well-rounded education is part of what makes Anderson such a fascinating filmmaker, as all these things and more are blended into every film he makes, either aesthetically, narratively, or both.

To prove this point we turn to the ever-talented Candice Drouet and her Really Dim Vimeo channel for the following montage in which Drouet has paired 20 images from the films of Anderson with other films, works of visual art, and other such media that have inspired the director to reveal not only the sources of Anderson’s originality, but also how he has tweaked his influences into his own style. The result is not only an entertaining and informative brief video, but also a list of other works Anderson fans should pore over for a greater appreciation of the director.

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