Exclusive: James McTeigue Talks CGI Blood and ‘Ninja Assassin’

By  · Published on November 24th, 2009

Not only did Fantastic Fest audiences get a glimpse at the upcoming Ninja Assassin two months before its wide release, FSR was lucky enough to sit down with director James McTeigue who had a ton to say about the MPAA ratings process, the concept behind creating a live-action anime and his forthcoming murder mystery The Raven (which he describes as Poe meets Se7en).

Oh, and we also talk about kicking ass. Naturally.

A veteran of the film industry, McTeigue had a lot to say about the difficulties faced by studios, claiming that they didn’t know what the next hot subculture would be (and that they need one for when comic book characters go on the decline).

So for those of you who demand an interview that deals with the inner politics of the film industry and a discussion on Kusarigamas cutting through human flesh, gird your loins and prepare yourself:

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