Disney Confirms ‘The Incredibles 2’ Is Being Written By Brad Bird

By  · Published on March 18th, 2014


Get ready to lose your mind and run around your living room a hundred times in a minute. According to Variety, Disney used its annual shareholders meeting to confirm that they were planning The Incredibles 2. They’re also planning a third Cars movie, the announcement of which coming alongside the return of the Parr family is a lesson in polar opposites.

On the one side, there’s another license to print money whose fandom remains squarely under the height requirement to participate in the cooler rides at the amusement park. On the other side, there’s the most popular answer to every Reddit post asking, “What awesome movie deserves a sequel but hasn’t gotten one yet?”

All anyone knows right now is that they want to make The Incredibles 2 and that Brad Bird is writing the script. An excellent start. Will Bird be back as director? Maybe. Will Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter, Samuel L. Jackson or the rest of the cast return? Unclear. Obviously, all of those people showing up to the drawing board would be encouraging for fans. Bird is currently filming Tomorrowland, and he’s also got 1906 in the mix, but there’s definitely room on the table to take a new spandex adventure across the finish line, too.

The other interesting factor is that all of this fits in line with Disney’s new sequelized shepherding of Pixar. Another Cars, another Incredibles – all blended nicely with forthcoming originals like Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur. However, this is the kind of rare sequel announcement that energizes instead of leaving us all with a collective, knowing groan. While Disney has been mining Pixar for toy opportunities, it finally feels like they got the memo about which characters we want to spend more time with.

The point is, get excited. And try not to bang your knee on the coffee table while you’re dancing around.

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