‘Cosmopolis’ Trailer Previews the Violence David Cronenberg Has in Store For Cannes

By  · Published on April 20th, 2012

The first teaser we saw for David Cronenberg’s upcoming film Cosmopolis gave us a glimpse of a stylish, violent work that not only looked like a throwback to the disturbing genre pictures the director made his name on, but that also seemed to be taking a page out of the playbook of Gaspar Noé, a director of French films who made waves in the U.S. with a couple of mind-bendingly stylized films in Irreversible and Enter the Void. That was probably enough to get film fans to mark this one on their calendars already, but after the movie was announced as being a big part of this year’s Cannes lineup, anticipation for Cosmopolis has reached a fever pitch. Or, at least, that’s what its producers are hoping, because they’ve put some new trailers out to capitalize on the Cannes announcement.

This one comes from French site Allocine, and it expands on the colorful visuals and cringe inducing violence of the teaser trailer by giving us a better idea of what the story of this film is going to be about. Cosmopolis seems to be a timely tale, taking advantage of the growing Occupy Movement and the mounting frustrations with the world’s richest 1%, as much of the violence we saw in the teaser has now been given the context of being the brutal results of a world rebelling against its ruling class. A ruling class that, in this film, is represented by Robert Pattinson.

Say what you will about the Twilight films, they still managed to make a small country’s gross national product worth of profits, so Pattinson’s recognizable mug is a pretty genius pick to be the representation of wealth and indulgence that this film needed as a catalyst to really break things loose. Genius if Pattinson’s performance is up to par, that is. If the kid’s chops are good enough to prove that his casting wasn’t a misstep, then this could possibly be the project that washes the bad taste of Team Edward out of the mouths of movie-going Twilight non-fans all over the world. And for Pattinson’s continued success in the acting world, making that happen is probably essential.

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