Celebrate Veteran’s Day with a War Movie Overload

By  · Published on November 11th, 2009

Instead of doing a cheesy list for Veteran’s Day, we here at FSR decided just to give a run down of all the war-type movies that we’ve covered over the years (the good, the bad, and the boots on the ground). Some of these you’ll be able to pick up at the rental store on your way back home from work, but hopefully your employer was nice enough to give you the day off so you could sit back with a beer, some BBQ and a swelling fervor in remembrance of the monumental jobs done by the bravest members of our society.

And since we’re overloading here, we went ahead and included just about any flicks that involve soldiers and wartime. We even included some featuring those limey Brits! Look how far we’ve come since 1776.

As an added challenge, why not watch all of them?

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