The 50 Best Shots of 2019

The team behind One Perfect Shot presents a list of our favorite shots from the last year as 2019 comes to an end.
Rewind Best Shots Article

This article is part of our 2019 Rewind. Follow along as we explore the best and most interesting movies, shows, performances, and more from the year that was. This particular list is here to show you the best shots of 2019.

As End of the Year lists go, this one is perhaps the most subject to change. The project of One Perfect Shot is an ongoing situation — we’ll be digging through the best movies and shows from 2019 for years to come, slowly uncovering those brilliant moments and the stories behind them. So while this list does represent our 50 favorites from the year, we reserve the right to find others in the future. This list is also a favorite of the One Perfect Shot team, as it allows us to take a moment to reflect on some of the brilliant things we’ve seen in the last year.

One change for this year’s list that might look different from our work in 2016, 2017, or 2018: some additional credits, celebrating more of the people whose work is essential to making every Perfect Shot. We hope that your favorite shots made the list and if they didn’t, you know how to reach us: tweet @OnePerfectShot.

Dolemite Is My Name

  • Cinematography by Eric Steelberg
  • Directed by Craig Brewer
  • Costume Design by Ruth E. Carter

The Two Popes

  • Cinematography by Cesar Charlone
  • Directed by Fernando Meirelles
  • Production Design by Mark Tildesley

Good Omens

  • Cinematography by Gavin Finney
  • Directed by Douglas Mackinnon
  • Costume Design by Claire Anderson
  • VFX Supervision by Jean-Claude Deguara

The Farewell

  • Cinematography by Anna Franquesa Solano
  • Directed by Lulu Wang
  • Production Design by Yong Ok Lee
  • Starring Awkwafina

The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot

  • Cinematography by Alex Vendler
  • Directed by Robert D. Krzykowski
  • Production Design by Brett Hatcher
  • Costume Design by Michael Bevins and Carol Cutshall

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