The Most Interesting ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Fan Theories

The internet has spoken, and some of their ideas would make for some compelling cinema.
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By  · Published on April 9th, 2019

Avengers: Endgame fan theories have been circulating the internet since Avengers: Infinity War ended. Like all online discourse, it’s made for an array of ideas that range from the genuinely thought-provoking to the downright puzzling. Additionally, some of these theories have been crazy, like the one that proposes Ant-Man will shrink down to his insect size, crawl up Thanos’ purple butt, and expand inside of his body, causing the villainous titan to explode. As fun as that sounds, I suspect the movie will opt for a solution that’s more complicated and less gross.

Of course, the reality of any of these theories being true is highly unlikely, though some have come close according to the Russo Brothers. We won’t know which ones are on to something until we’ve seen the film. In the meantime, though, here are some proposed fan theories that seem entirely plausible and would make for compelling movie storylines in their own right.

Spoilers Below

There’s Another Stone

In the comic books, there is a seventh Infinity Stone called the Ego Gem, which could come into play as a means of defeating Thanos. The seventh stone contains the essence of Nemesis, an omnipotent being who got fed up of her own existence and shattered herself across two universes. Should the Avengers acquire the Ego Gem, the wielder will attain more power than the other Infinity Stones combined.

Reddit user TruthOfAlecius believes that Captain Marvel, who is one of the most powerful beings in the universe, will control the Ego Gem. The user also states that Thanos’ dastardly actions created two alternate universes as opposed to killing half of the world’s population. Should Captain Marvel obtain the stone, she’ll use it to hold both universes in place long enough for the Avengers to reassemble and undo Thanos’ cleansing.

There Will Be Two Universes

In one of the wilder theories, a Redditor posited the idea that those who were dusted in Infinity War were sent to an alternate universe and cannot remember the events that took place prior to their arrival.

Moreover, the theory also proposes that the Marvel franchise will continue in this alternate universe after Endgame. As for the heroes who survived in the old universe, they will either be left behind or sacrifice themselves in the fight against Thanos. Some, I’m sure, would find their way to the other universe since there are plans to make more movies featuring some of the “survivors.”

This is an interesting idea for sure, but it’s also quite out there and bleak. Still, I love the idea of Phase 4 taking place in a universe that has no knowledge of everything that came before. It would be bold, fresh, and unexpected.

Loki is Alive

We witnessed Thanos eliminate the God of Mischief at the beginning of Infinity War, but as we’ve seen before, he’s a difficult fella to kill. In a not-so-implausible theory, one Redditor even theorized that Loki didn’t die during his altercation with the Mad Titan.

The theory claims that the Loki we saw in Infinity War was an illusion, mainly because he used his left hand when he attacked Thanos. In previous movies, Thor’s mischievous sibling is right-handed, and the few times he has used his other limb was during moments of trickery.

With Loki’s upcoming Disney+ spinoff series on the horizon, it’s obvious that the trickster is either still alive or will return from the dead at some point. Either way, don’t be surprised if he shows up in Endgame.

Time Travel

Various fan theories have speculated that time travel will play a key role in Endgame. There’s also enough evidence to back it up. Some leaked set photos suggest that the movie will revisit the Battle of New York from the first film, indicating that Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will explore the past for a solution.

One Redditor believes that Doctor Strange sent the Time Stone and Tesseract into the future so Tony Stark could build a device similar to the Infinity Gauntlet, which results in the team traveling back in time to retrieve the various stones and stop Thanos once and for all.

Furthermore, it is almost certain that the Quantum Realm will play a huge part in the Avengers’ plans. In the post-credits scene of Ant-Man and The Wasp, Scott Lang found himself trapped in the dimension, which contains time vortexes. Chances are Lang fell into one of these vortexes, which would explain why he survived Thanos’ snap.

The Endgame trailer confirmed that Lang will feature in the movie. We see him standing outside the Avengers’ base in a video that’s possibly archival footage from 1983. Hence why Captain America asks if it’s “an old message.” While trapped in the Quantum Realm, Lang probably discovered how to travel through time and get in touch with Captain America and co.

Additionally, as noted by The Geeks Core, the suits worn by the Avengers enable them to enter the Quantum Realm. Whatever their purpose is for going there remains unknown for now. But they will go there.

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