‘Avatar’ Busts Down the World-Wide Record

By  · Published on January 26th, 2010

Despite Rob Hunter wanting me to simply write “And it’s all your fault…” in the body of this article, I think some real analysis is needed.

For one, this is a huge, huge, huge achievement. James Cameron has beaten out legendary director James Cameron for the #1 World-Wide Grossing Spot. Which is fantastic.

But Avatar is still not the highest grossing film of all time. It’s still behind Titanic in Domestic sales and in total sales.

Who are we kidding though? It’ll get there within the week and we’ll have something even more monumental to celebrate. Or we’ll have even more press releases filling up our electronic mail boxes. Either way.

Still, when it comes to this feat, the largeness of it needs to be noted. It’s not just the case that the film eked by to claim the title. It flew by – rocking a total currently of $1.292 billion which leaves Titanic crying in the dust $50 million back in the $1.242 billion club. A lonely, lonely club to be in.

And of course the beast will keep going. As noted by every other story about this ever, the movie is still not even close to being the topper if inflation is taken into consideration. Gone With the Wind made 32 cents and 18 buttons back in 1939 – which translates to something like $900 trillion in today’s money.

In other news, Sam Worthington will be celebrating by becoming a vampire.

What do you think? Do you knowing nothin’ ‘bout birthin’ babies?

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