Meg Shields

Based in the Pacific North West, Meg enjoys long scrambles on cliff faces and cozying up with a good piece of 1960s eurotrash. As a senior contributor at FSR, Meg's objective is to spread the good word about the best of sleaze, genre, and practical effects.
Cursedfilms Horizontal

Shudder’s ‘Cursed Films’ is a Blessed Reminder of How Stories Can Help us Cope

By Meg Shields 

Shudder’s polished new docuseries urges horror fans to consider “cursed films” as more than just trivia.

T Helicopter

An Overpass, a Helicopter, and the Riskiest Stunt in ‘Terminator 2: Judgment Day’

By Meg Shields 

Or, as James Cameron puts it in the commentary: “See this helicopter going under a freeway overpass? That’s a helicopter going under a freeway overpass.”


It Is Time to Release The Butthole Cut of ‘Cats’

By Meg Shields 

The #ButtholeCut is a good place to start, but we have many more ideas of what untold horrors other ‘Cats’ cuts could have in store.


‘Castlevania’ and Why the Binge Model is Perfect for Video Game Adaptations

By Meg Shields 

The third season of Netflix’s ‘Castlevania’ delivers the gory, gothic goods, and it’s got us wondering: is streaming uniquely suited for adapting video games?

Hands Of Orclac

The Granddaddy of Body Horror was a German Expressionist Film

By Meg Shields 

This month’s Horrorscope includes German Expressionist classic ‘The Hands of Orlac’ and a bunch of other streaming recommendations for horror lovers.

From Russia With Love

From Scotland With Force: Reflections On Connery‘s Bond Era

By Anna Swanson, and Meg Shields 

In anticipation of ‘No Time To Die,’ we reflect on Sean Connery’s years as James Bond, how he shaped the character into a cultural icon, and what to make of the films that haven’t aged as well.

Phantom Reveal

Unmasking the Death’s Head Reveal of ‘The Phantom of the Opera’

By Meg Shields 

Actor and makeup artist Lon Chaney Sr. crafted one of the most famous moments of the silent era. Here’s how he did it.

Blade Runner

The Secrets Behind The Eyes of ‘Blade Runner’

By Meg Shields 

The eyes have it. And by “it” we mean well-placed mirrors.

Dogs Don't Wear Pants

‘Dogs Don’t Wear Pants’ and The Marvelous Films We Can’t Recommend To Everyone

By Meg Shields 

For some people, toenail removal scenes are a dealbreaker. For everyone else, there’s the brutal, sweet Finnish BDSM wonder ‘Dogs Don’t Wear Pants.’