Meg Shields

Based in the Pacific North West, Meg enjoys long scrambles on cliff faces and cozying up with a good piece of 1960s eurotrash. As a senior contributor at FSR, Meg's objective is to spread the good word about the best of sleaze, genre, and practical effects.
Mercedes Mccambridge Exorcist

One Hell of a Performance: How Mercedes McCambridge Gave a Demon a Voice

By Meg Shields 

What an excellent day for a celebration of Mercedes McCambridge.

Rick Morty

The Narrative Theory Behind the Metatextual Madness of “Never Ricking Morty”

By Meg Shields 

The latest episode of ‘Rick and Morty’ was a showcase for Dan Harmon’s story circle. Here’s a video essay to get you up to speed.


The Cruel, Cool World of Ralph Bakshi

By Meg Shields 

An introduction to the cinematic world of Ralph Bakshi: an adult animation trailblazer, Hollywood rebel, and alternative icon of 1970s counterculture.

Albatross Soup

Visualizing a Riddle: The Trippy Inquiry of “Albatross Soup”

By Meg Shields 

What we’re watching: a visually trippy short film that animates an inquiry into a morbid riddle.


A Filmography Soaked in Scarlet: An Ode to the “Scorsese Red”

By Meg Shields 

A supercut that highlights how the filmmaker’s corpus is a crime scene of crimson.


The Many Deaths of 3D: A History of Cinema’s Problem Child

By Meg Shields 

3D is dead long live 3D.

Raiders Header

The 50 Most Beautiful Shots of the ‘Indiana Jones’ Franchise

By Meg Shields 

From bullwhips to silhouettes, we look at the most beautiful 50 shots from the ‘Indiana Jones’ films.

Raymonde Or The Vertical Escape

The Sinful Stop-Motion Pleasures of ‘Raymonde or the Vertical Escape’ 

By Meg Shields 

If you’ve been waiting for a meditation on sin and sexuality from a french, anthropomorphic stop motion owl…good news.


The Grindhouse Trailer That Inspired Edgar Wright’s ‘Don’t’

By Meg Shields 

The elegant art of grindhouse trailer narration needs to come back. Who’s with us?