Meg Shields

Meg has been writing professionally about all things film-related since 2016. She is a Senior Contributor at Film School Rejects as well as a Curator for One Perfect Shot. She has attended international film festivals such as TIFF, Hot Docs, and the Nitrate Picture Show as a member of the press. In her day job as an archivist and records manager, she regularly works with physical media and is committed to ensuring ongoing physical media accessibility in the digital age. You can find more of Meg's work at Cinema Scope, Dead Central, and Nonfics. She has also appeared on a number of film-related podcasts, including All the President's Minutes, Zodiac: Chronicle, Cannes I Kick It?, and Junk Filter. Her work has been shared on NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour, Business Insider, and CherryPicks. Meg has a B.A. from the University of King's College and a Master of Information degree from the University of Toronto.
Al Pacino Serpico

A Delicate Bravado: The Duality of Al Pacino

By Meg Shields 

A video celebrating the legendary career of Al Pacino? Don’t mind if we do.


The Black and White Body Horror of ‘Revenge Story’

By Meg Shields 

A ballerina seeks revenge on the chiropractor who she blames for ruining her career in this marvelous short film.

The Lighthouse The Shining

‘The Shining’ and ‘The Lighthouse’ Are The Ultimate Cabin Fever Double Bill

By Meg Shields 

Looking for a god-tier double bill about the horrors of isolation? Look no further.

The Thing

A Recap of COVID-19 as Told by Sci-Fi and Horror Movies

By Meg Shields 

2020 has been one hell of a horrorshow. Here’s ‘Trick’r Treat’ director Michael Dougherty with a genre-powered supercut recap of the hell COVID-19 hath wrought.

Horror May

Still Stuck at Home? Here’s All the Horror New to Streaming in May 2020

By Meg Shields 

This month’s Horrorscope includes a trippy, synth-fuelled space opera, plus a bunch of other streaming recommendations for horror lovers.

Mercedes Mccambridge Exorcist

One Hell of a Performance: How Mercedes McCambridge Gave a Demon a Voice

By Meg Shields 

What an excellent day for a celebration of Mercedes McCambridge.

Rick Morty

The Narrative Theory Behind the Metatextual Madness of “Never Ricking Morty”

By Meg Shields 

The latest episode of ‘Rick and Morty’ was a showcase for Dan Harmon’s story circle. Here’s a video essay to get you up to speed.


The Cruel, Cool World of Ralph Bakshi

By Meg Shields 

An introduction to the cinematic world of Ralph Bakshi: an adult animation trailblazer, Hollywood rebel, and alternative icon of 1970s counterculture.

Albatross Soup

Visualizing a Riddle: The Trippy Inquiry of “Albatross Soup”

By Meg Shields 

What we’re watching: a visually trippy short film that animates an inquiry into a morbid riddle.