Heather Hardee

Chicago native & semi-professional intern. Shares a birthday with Lucas Hedges.

Censorship on a Plane: Erasure at 30,000 Feet

By Heather Hardee 

Delta Airlines faced backlash for omitting same-sex scenes from ‘Booksmart’ and ‘Rocketman.’ Here’s why the in-flight censorship standards are so ambiguous.

Tau Maikamonroe

‘TAU’ Review: A Lifeless AI Thriller

By Heather Hardee 

Turn off your Alexa before reading.

Hugh Grant In Paddington

Hugh Grant in ‘Paddington 2’: A Villain for the Social Media Era

By Heather Hardee 

In his first time playing a bad guy, Hugh Grant plays a character you still can’t fully despise.

All The Presidents Men

Watergate’s Journalism Tropes and Media Mythology

By Heather Hardee 

The institution of the press has attained a mythical status in film, shaped by the legacies of Watergate and the Nixon era.

How To Build A Girl

How Will Brexit Transform the UK Film Industry?

By Heather Hardee 

Based on UK filmmakers’ showing at TIFF, there’s hope for cultural export amid the economic uncertainty.


The ‘Midsommar’ Communal Scream and the Value of Feeling Held

By Heather Hardee 

Some inner demons can’t be exorcized alone. Try wailing in unison with some Swedish cult members.