Aurora Amidon

Aurora Amidon spends her days running the Great Expectations column and trying to convince people that Hostel II is one of the best movies of all time. Read her mostly embarrassing tweets here: @aurora_amidon.
I'm Fine Thanks For Asking Sxsw

‘I’m Fine (Thanks for Asking)’ Works as a Pandemic-Era Film

By Aurora Amidon 

This debut from Kelley Kali and Angelique Molina looks at homelessness in a timely manner.

Demi Lovato Dancing with the Devil Documentary

‘Demi Lovato: Dancing With the Devil’ Loses Its Voice

By Aurora Amidon 

In her new YouTube documentary, Demi Lovato has to compete with others who are also intent on telling her story for her.

Memento Movie Ending

‘Memento’ and the Unreliable Image

By Aurora Amidon 

In his second feature film, Christopher Nolan considers the lengths a director might go to manipulate their viewer.

Yes Day ending

The Ending of ‘Yes Day’ Explained

By Aurora Amidon 

In this light-hearted, high-concept Netflix Original, we learn that there’s no right way to be a family.

Jane Eyre 2011

The Powerful Simplicity of Cary Joji Fukunaga’s ‘Jane Eyre’

By Aurora Amidon 

Fukunaga’s simple directorial style allows the 2011 film to soar above other adaptations of the novel.

Boss Level ending explained

The Ending of ‘Boss Level’ Explained

By Aurora Amidon 

In Joe Carnahan’s time-loop thriller, love and optimism conquer all.


‘Moxie’ Wants So Badly to Fit in with Today’s Teen Comedies

By Aurora Amidon 

Amy Poehler’s well-meaning Netflix Original says much less about feminism than it wishes to, ultimately falling flat compared to other progressive female-led teen comedies of today.

Minari And Nomadland

Searching for the American Dream in ‘Minari’ and ‘Nomadland’

By Aurora Amidon 

In these two new films, the American Dream is observed from wildly different perspectives. But the conclusion they come to is eerily similar.

Saint Maud ending explained

The Ending of ‘Saint Maud’ Explained

By Aurora Amidon 

In Rose Glass’s breakout feature, God is not what He seems.