Aurora Amidon

Aurora Amidon spends her days running the Great Expectations column and trying to convince people that Hostel II is one of the best movies of all time. Read her mostly embarrassing tweets here: @aurora_amidon.

‘Interceptor’ is an Action Romp That’s Missing the Fun

By Aurora Amidon 

Netflix’s new action film looks pretty standard, but Elsa Pataky and some solid beatdowns stand out.

A Perfect Pairing

‘A Perfect Pairing’ Has All the Notes of a Feel-Good Time

By Aurora Amidon 

Victoria Justice heads Down Under, Netflix style… but it’s still a good time.

The Bubble

Judd Apatow Misses His Own Joke in the Pandemic Comedy ‘The Bubble’

By Aurora Amidon 

Did someone actually ask for another pandemic film? Anyone? No?

The Adam Project Explained

The Ending of ‘The Adam Project’ Explained

By Aurora Amidon 

Ryan Reynolds stars in a new Netflix thriller that explores the psychological implications of time travel. We break down the ending.

The Adam Project

‘The Adam Project’ is a Rare Netflix Blockbuster Done Mostly Right

By Aurora Amidon 

Ryan Reynolds and time travel are a match made in heaven.

Y Tu Mama Tambien

‘Y Tu Mamá También’: A Eulogy to Adolescence

By Aurora Amidon 

20 years later, Alfonso Cuarón’s film remains one of the most honest and sobering portrayals of the journey from adolescence to adulthood.

The Weekend Away Explained

The Ending of ‘The Weekend Away’ Explained

By Aurora Amidon 

The ending of ‘The Weekend Away’ taps into what we love about murder mysteries.

Euphoria Season 2 Finale Zendaya

The ‘Euphoria’ Season 2 Finale Presents a Tangled Web of Abuse

By Aurora Amidon 

In our last recap of the season, we break down what the show is really about.

Lexi Play Euphoria

Lexi Howard Psychoanalyzes the Characters of ‘Euphoria’ Better Than Anyone Else

By Aurora Amidon 

Lexi’s play reveals more about characters than they care to know about themselves.