Aline Dolinh

Aline is a writer and student. She is very passionate about campy period dramas, female-driven horror films, and obscure Star Wars lore.
David Lynch Shutterstock

How David Lynch Manipulates Language

By Aline Dolinh 

The famously cryptic creator is known for his weird way with words, but does his work reveal any deeper truths about the way we perceive language?

Disney Ghibli

The Reflections Between Disney and Studio Ghibli

By Aline Dolinh 

Placing the legendary Japanese studio in conversation with beloved American films reveals some fascinating parallels — but also highlights the crucial differences in their respective approaches to storytelling.

Annihilation Sci Fi

The Cinematographic References of ‘Annihilation’

By Aline Dolinh 

The creepy, captivating sci-fi film has strands of Andrei Tarkovsky and the ‘Alien’ franchise in its DNA, but here are some influences you might have missed.

Paddington Prison

The Visual Effects Secrets of ‘Paddington 2’

By Aline Dolinh 

Get an inside look at how the VFX crew of ‘Paddington 2’ simulated the presence of its lovably lifelike ursine lead.


Why Location Typography Matters On Screen

By Aline Dolinh 

What’s in a location title font? A lot, actually.

Columbus Movie

The Subconscious Reflections of ‘Columbus’

By Aline Dolinh 

Kogonada’s quietly sublime debut finally gets the video essay treatment.

Stranger Things Ghostbusters

Why Pop Culture Is Obsessed With The 1980s Right Now

By Aline Dolinh 

Are we approaching ’80s nostalgia fatigue?

Tomb Raider - Lara Croft

The Fantasy and Feminism of Lara Croft

By Aline Dolinh 

The legendary video game heroine might have originated as a male fantasy, but she’s also a bona fide action hero.

Hitchcock’s Portrayals of Women, Intimacy, and Sexual Violence

By Aline Dolinh 

Alfred Hitchcock’s iconic heroines still haunt our perceptions of modern female fear and desire.