Aline Dolinh

Aline is a writer and student. She is very passionate about campy period dramas, female-driven horror films, and obscure Star Wars lore.
Pacific Rim

The Mythic Magnificence of ‘Pacific Rim’

By Aline Dolinh 

The Guillermo del Toro-directed monster movie is packed with giant mech battles and nuclear explosions, but it also offers a surprisingly heartfelt vision of humanity’s future.

Phantom Thread Water

Watch ‘Phantom Thread’ Reimagined as an ’80s Rom-Com

By Aline Dolinh 

“Kiss me, my girl, before I’m sick” is the new “You complete me.”

Get Out Woods

The Tense Terror of the Oscar-Winning ‘Get Out’ Screenplay

By Aline Dolinh 

This video investigates how Jordan Peele’s Oscar-winning screenplay puts a uniquely unnerving spin on classic horror tropes.

No Featured Image

Star Wars Shouldn’t Need to Get R-Rated to Stay Relevant

By Aline Dolinh 

It’s clear that Lucasfilm is eager to continue expanding the limits of the Star Wars universe. But they should rely on genuinely innovative storytelling, not superficial grittiness, to keep audiences interested.

Nancy Meyers House

Why Are Rom-Coms Filled With Impossibly Gorgeous Homes?

By Aline Dolinh 

Has domestic comfort become the ultimate cinematic fantasy for modern audiences?

41 Years Later, What Does The Original ‘Suspiria’ Show Us?

By Aline Dolinh 

The 1977 horror classic is still utterly unique in its terror.