Anyone Want to Buy MGM?

By  · Published on November 12th, 2009

While driving around your neighborhood in two weeks or so, you might be drawn in by the allure of a poster board sign pointing you in the direction of a nearby garage sale where you can get a bag of clothes for $1, a VHS of Zeus and Roxanne for $1, and MGM for a negotiable price.

According to Variety and their sources, MGM might be sold to the highest bidder in the coming weeks. Not only that – MGM, United Artists and the copyright on Leo the Lion (the MGM logo that you only care about when trying to sync up “Dark Side of the Moon”) might be sold separately.

Essentially what’s on the market is the library controlled by MGM which consists of many of their titles post-1986 (Ted Turner owns the library from years prior), most of the post-1952 United Artist catalog, post-1981 Orion Pictures titles, and several minor catalogs. So, yes, someone else might be controlling whether we get that Zeus and Roxanne Blu-ray we’ve been clamoring for.

Of course nothing in the business world is set in stone, the company could still sell at a negotiated price or declare bankruptcy.

I’m hoping they actually auction off the titles in the library one by one. That way I have a chance of owning, oh I don’t know, Zeus and Roxanne, for example.

Do you have the cash? We could split it.

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