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  • discs leftovers 2

    12 New Releases to Watch at Home This Week on Blu-ray/DVD

    Welcome back to This Week In Discs where we check out tomorrow’s new releases today! The Leftovers: The Complete Second Season It’s been three years since nearly two percent of the world’s population simply vanished. The newly-formed Garvey family has left their home town behind after season one’s fiery finale and head to the only community on Earth not to have...
  • Screen-Shot-2016-02-07-at-6.00.38-PM-600x246

    The Best and Worst Super Bowl Movie Trailers

    Watch this year's Super Bowl movie trailers and find out which ones we consider winners and which we consider losers. ...
  • Hail, Caesar Trailer: Scarlett Johansson

    Top 5 Movies to Watch in Theaters in February 2016

    Before you head out to see movies in theaters this month, check out our monthly power rankings....
  • Last Night on TV: Portland moves to Austin

    Fred Moves to Austin on Portlandia, While Legends of Tomorrow Expands

    Last Night on TV, we review Legends of Tomorrow, Portlandia, Top Chef and You, Me and The Apocalypse....
  • Universal Pictures

    15 Movies to See After You Watch Hail, Caesar!

    The Coen Brothers' Hail, Caesar! makes a lot of obvious references to old Hollywood movies. Find those and others on this week's list of recommendations....
  • Junkfood Cinema: Death Race

    Junkfood Cinema Podcast: Death Race v. Death Race

    Rev up your engines, Junkies, because this week’s episode covers not one, but two flicks! We pitting Roger Corman’s Death Race 2000 against Paul WS Anderson’s 2008 remake Death Race to see how one keeps pace with the other. As it turns out, these two very different versions of the same idea remain neck and neck (for very different reasons)...
  • Point Blank (Warner Bros.)

    The Death of an Iconic Movie Location

    This weekend, L.A.'s cinematically famous Sixth Street Viaduct bridge is being demolished. We remember it with a handful of movie clips....
  • Supergirl

    How Supergirl‘s Feminism Misses the Point

    What I’m about to write pains me deeply to admit to you and took me quite some time to even admit to myself: I, a staunch, card carrying member of Team Feminism, am officially off the Supergirl bandwagon. I’m sure that statement alone has already earned me the ire of a reader who is cracking his or her knuckles as we...