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The 10 Stops on a Perfect Tour of Wes Anderson’s World

For the films of Wes Anderson, it’s all about location, location, location.
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By  · Published on August 1st, 2018

5. The Belafonte (The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, 2003)

All aboard the Belafonte. Enjoy a sauna and take a peek into the editing suite. There’s also a room for science purposes, experiments and so on. While the loyal boat has seen better days, it nevertheless has surprises and history at every corner. Things may become a tad closed quartered. But do not fret, take in some fresh air on the deck and enjoy the song stylings of David Bowie sung in Portuguese. Bon Voyage!

4. Camp Ivanhoe (Moonrise Kingdom, 2012)

Join Scout Master Ward at our stop at Camp Ivanhoe from Moonrise Kingdom. The Scout Master will be more than happy to take you on the tour of the camp as well as the daily inspections, including latrine, spot check, and examining treehouse height. There are strict rules at Camp Ivanhoe, so make sure your uniform is up to par. We may have to cut the tour short, as it appears one of the scouts has flown the coup.

3. Caffe (Castello Cavalcanti, 2013)

Well if we find ourselves broken down on this tour, don’t worry. The Caffe from Anderson’s 2013 short Castello Cavalcanti, is open for business. Take a seat with local folks and have a plate of spaghetti. Think back to your ancestors and reconnect with your homeland. If you feel like staying longer, pull up a chair. Don’t worry about paying.

2. The Home of the Royal Tenenbaums (The Royal Tenenbaums, 2001)

With the house originally located in Harlem, take some time to explore the New York City of Wes Anderson by way of the Royal Tenenbaums’ home from The Royal Tenenbaums. Each level, devoted to each of the Tenenbaums children houses a family as unique as the home, itself. Get lost in some rooms. Take a copy of one of Chas’ financial magazines. Or maybe you’d like to explore the third floor and page through Margot’s library of plays. If neither suggestion fancies your interest, take a look in the attic, Richie’s drum set might still be there. You’ll find the place is as extravagant as the family who resides here, making it their, maybe not so, humble abode.

1. The Lobby of The Grand Budapest Hotel (The Grand Budapest Hotel, 2014)

Before checking in to your room at The Grand Budapest Hotel, take a walk through the lobby. Bold reds and pinks will line the carpet and occasionally, you may see a flash of purple as the lobby boy, Zero, whisks by on his next assignment. If you’d like to meet Monsieur Gustave of The Grand Budapest Hotel, you may find him flying by in search of his painting ‘Boy With Apple.’ Nevertheless, there is a vastness to the layout of The Grand Budapest Hotel. Should you turn down one hall, you’ll come across the Royal Tenenbaums’ suite. Just a few doors down, Suzy and Sam escaping those who would come between their love. But be wary of the kitchens. You might find Mr. Fox taking a morsel or two.

Thank you for going on our tour!

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