Warner Bros. Eyes Ben Affleck For Its ‘Focus’

By  · Published on October 9th, 2012

It sounds like Warner Bros. knows a good thing when they have it, as Deadline Hollywood reports that the studio, which is prepping to open Ben Affleck’s Argo this week, is in “early talks” with the multi-hyphenate to star in their Focus. Dear WB: yes, this is a good idea, stay in the Affleck business for as long as you can.

You might remember Focus as the Glenn Ficarra– and John Requa-penned script that we mentioned in April, back when the con man romance was potentially set to reunite Ficarra and Requa’s Crazy, Stupid, Love. stars Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. However, Gosling and Stone have reportedly fallen away from the project (and some time ago, at that), leaving the studio in need of both a male and a female lead. Affleck seems poised to take on (duh) the male portion of that order.

We still don’t know much about the film, just that it “tells the story of a veteran con man who gets involved with a newcomer to the grifter business. They become involved romantically but that becomes perilous in a business where they lie and cheat for a living.” While that sounds a bit basic, what is interesting about this plotline is one last tantalizing slice of information: “The complications of the encounter haunt them when they meet up again in the future.” Just what do you mean by “haunt,” plot synopsis? What do you mean by “the future”? Tell us more!

Ficarra and Requa will also direct the film.

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