Want To Know What ‘The Boxtrolls’ Sound Like? Take a Listen Here

By  · Published on September 23rd, 2014


For a film about a group of trolls who spend their nights collecting trash (and turning it into treasure), the music should definitely be silly to fit with the goofy attitude of the boxtrolls themselves. But for a story about an orphan raised by said boxtrolls who needs to convince the world they are not something to be exterminated, the music also needs to create an emotional connection to these dirty, box wearing (but also pretty darn adorable) trolls.

Composer Dario Marianelli rises to the challenge with his score for the upcoming film, The Boxtrolls, based on Alan Snow’s novel “Here Be Monsters!” Snow’s story proves that just because someone may be called a monster (or a boxtroll), it does not mean they are not worthwhile or important, and Marianelli successfully compliments this story with a score that is fun, silly, adventurous, and has just the right amount of heart. This is Marianelli’s first time composing for an animated featured and the Italian composer does not shy away from his roots here, infusing The Boxtrolls’ score with operatic singers and Italian instrumentation.

Take a listen to our exclusive preview of The Boxtrolls soundtrack here:

The boxtrolls are fans of music (as seen in the film’s trailer) and Marianelli cleverly incorporates the sound of music boxes (a favorite treasure in the boxtroll world) into the score and this choice also works as a subtle sonic reminder that this is a story aimed at a younger audience. Children’s films can be appealing to both kids and adults, but when these films stick to what they are (and don’t try to play to the adults more than the kids) they really shine. Plus this approach works to remind adults of the joy of being a kid in a world full of play and imagination.

Simply put, The Boxtrolls are charming and the film’s soundtrack takes you right into the adventure thanks to music that is both exciting and heartwarming.

The soundtrack for The Boxtrolls will be released by Back Lot Music on Tuesday, September 23rd (which you can pre-order here) with the film hitting theaters Friday, September 26th.