Video Games

Uncharted Review Tom Holland

‘Uncharted’ Fumbles a Golden Opportunity


Sony’s movie based on Sony’s video game series should be a no-brainer, but it misses the mark as even mindless entertainment.

Video Game Movies Ranked

The 41 Best and Worst Video Game Movies, Ranked


From Uwe Boll’s many efforts to Detective Pikachu and beyond, we run down the list of the best and worst video game movies ever.

Sonic The Hedgehog ending

The Ending of ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ Explained


The post-credits tag promise a sequel better than the original.

Resident Evil Michelle Rodriguez

‘Resident Evil’ Returns to Its Horror Roots


For this franchise to survive, it must remember how to be scary.

Castlevania Netflix

‘Castlevania’ Producer is Saving Another Video Game From the “Jabronis in Hollywood”


Adi Shankar is adding a TV series adaptation of ‘Devil May Cry’ to his production slate.


‘The Legend of Zelda’ TV Series Coming From ‘Castlevania’ Producer


Well, excuse me Princess!

Snl Fortnite

What Is ‘Fortnite’ and Why Is It Everywhere?


The video game sensation Fortnite is taking over the television landscape.

Ben Schwartz Jean Ralphio Parks And Recreation

‘Parks and Recreation’ Actor Ben Schwartz is Sonic the Hedgehog


Schwartz is a voice acting wonder and makes for an uncannily perfect choice to play our favorite blue speedster.

Ace Ventura Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey Will Go Villainous in ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’


Yet another erstwhile leading man will get a nostalgic re-branding.