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The Queens Gambit Beltik

How ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ Makes Chess Feel Thrilling


Turns out you don’t need to know how chess works to care about chess.

Suspense Lois Weber

The Great (and Silent) History of Hollywood’s First Female Director


Lois Weber was one of the most powerful filmmakers in Silent-era Hollywood and we should talk about it more.

Jurassic Park Cinematography and framing

‘Jurassic Park’ and the Narrative Power of Scale


Sometimes size does matter.

Dead Ringers

To Split-Screens and Beyond: The Art of Creating Doubles


A look at one of the most common visual effects in all of cinema: duplicating a human being and having the two interact.

Stagecoach what is a western

What is a Western, Anyway?


The Western is dead, long live the Western.

Cleopatra Theda Bara William Fox Studios

From Talkies to Light Corruption: The Rise and Fall of Fox Studios


Cue the fanfare.

Roy Scheider in Jaws

‘Jaws’ and Genre: The Horror of an Unseen Threat


We’re not here to argue genre semantics. We’re here to talk about why ‘Jaws’ is so horrifying.

Roger Deakins film lighting Blade Runner

The Roger Deakins Guide to Film Lighting


Lights, Camera, Deakins!

Toy Story sound design Buzz Jump

The Sound Design of ‘Toy Story’ is All About Balance


Listen up: when you’re building a world from the perspective of toys, sound design is critical.