The Hunt

Is ‘The Hunt’ Effective Social Satire?


The film they imagined isn’t the film they ended up making.

My Sister The Serial Killer

‘My Sister, the Serial Killer’ Sounds Like a Talent Magnet and We Have Suggestions


The satirical debut novel of Nigerian writer Oyinkan Braithwaite has been optioned by Working Title.

Pain And Gain

Michael Bay’s ‘Pain & Gain’ is More Essential Than Ever


As it turns five, we look back at the smarter, more self-aware Michael Bay film that history may ultimately view as an essential look at today’s America.

No Featured Image

‘Downsizing’ Trailer: Matt Damon Brings The Payne


Alexander Payne’s social commentary about little people has big aspirations.

Game Of Thrones

Spacetime in Westeros: A ‘Game of Thrones’ Exclusive


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