Jungle Cruise

Jungle Cruise box office

‘Jungle Cruise’ Embarked on a Rocky Ride at the Box Office


Disney’s latest theme park ride adaptation drew decent-size crowds to start, at least — much better than fellow newcomers ‘The Green Knight’ and ‘Stillwater.’

Edgar Ramirez Jungle Cruise

Watch ‘Jungle Cruise,’ Then Watch These Movies


We recommend 12 movies you should watch to better appreciate Disney’s latest theme park ride adaptation.

Blunt and Johnson in Jungle Cruise

‘Jungle Cruise’ is a Forgettably Harmless Family Adventure


It wants to be far more fun than it is, but it’s still just entertaining enough.

Hiram Garcia Jungle Cruise Producer

Producer Hiram Garcia Explains Why You Don’t Say No to ‘Jungle Cruise’


We chat with the blockbuster producer about the lifetime of movie watching that finally put him and Dwayne Johnson in a room with Disney executives.

Emily Blunt Into The Woods

Emily Blunt Boards Disney’s ‘Jungle Cruise’


The ride-inspired movie will finally start production in May.