Fantasia Film Festival

Film Festival.

New Life

‘New Life’ Finds Intimate Thrills With Global Repercussions


Two women on a collision path, and the fate of the world sits between them.

Sympathy For The Devil

‘Sympathy for the Devil’ Finds a Spark Thanks to Nicolas Cage [Fantasia 2023]


It’s a Nicolas Cage film, so you already know what the highlight is going to be.


‘#Manhole’ Finds Unexpected Thrills Both In and Out of a Man-Sized Hole [Fantasia 2023]


In the battle between man and hole, the outcome has never been more unpredictable.


‘River’ Is a Hilarious and Sweet Palate Cleanser for the Soul [Fantasia 2023]


No joke, this Japanese Indie might just be the best and most satisfying film of the year.

The Sacrifice Game

‘The Sacrifice Game’ Serves Up a Bloody Good Time for Genre Fans [Fantasia 2023]


Christmas break at an all-girls school in the late 70s, and a quartet of killers come calling…

Baby Assassins 2

‘Baby Assassins 2’ Delivers More Slacker Action/Comedy Greatness [Fantasia 2023]


A mismatched buddy comedy with great action and lots of talk about food? Yes please.

Lovely Dark And Deep

‘Lovely, Dark, and Deep’ Knows What Scares Us [Fantasia 2023]


We’re kicking off our Fantasia Film Fest coverage with a look at a creepy chiller finding dark mysteries in the woods.


‘Deadstream’ is a Fantastically Fun Found-Footage Film


Scares, laughs, and more help deliver a tech-savvy love letter to Sam Raimi’s ‘The Evil Dead.’

On The Line

‘On the Line’ Finds Unlikely Suspense and Thrills in the Dark World of Phishing Scams


They get you hook, line, and sinker, but this time their prize catch is fighting back.