Criterion Horror Movies

10 Criterion Horror Movies That Will Make You Smarter


There’s nothing more spine-tingling than arguing over the merits of Criterion spine numbers.

Criterion Collection

How the Criterion Collection Defies the Decline of Physical Media


Is the Criterion Collection a cult? If you’re selling physical media these days, you kind of have to be.

Criterion Restoration Essay

How Criterion Restores a Warped Film


No two restoration projects are exactly the same. Here’s how the Criterion Collection restored a warped print of ‘The Man Who Knew Too Much.’

Horrorscope April

Stuck at Home? Here’s All the Horror New to Streaming in April 2020


This month’s Horrorscope includes the homebound horror classic ‘Misery’ plus a bunch of other streaming recommendations for horror lovers.

Hands Of Orclac

The Granddaddy of Body Horror was a German Expressionist Film


This month’s Horrorscope includes German Expressionist classic ‘The Hands of Orlac’ and a bunch of other streaming recommendations for horror lovers.

Captain Kronos

Hammer Horror’s Under-Seen (Katana-Wielding) Masterpiece


Plus all the horror content coming and going in the world of streaming this month.

Eddie Coyle

‘The Friends of Eddie Coyle’ and the Many Heists That Followed


The influence of this Boston crime film reaches far and wide. We check in on some of its descendants.

Discs To Sleep With Anger

One of African American Cinema’s Finest Is Our Home Video Pick of the Week


Plus 15 more new releases to watch at home this week on Blu-ray/DVD!

Sisters Blu Ray

‘Sisters’: De Palma’s First Infectious Moral Atrocity Gets A New Coat of Paint


What’s a fella to do?