Antoine Fuqua

Emancipation Robert Richardson Cinematography

Robert Richardson Embraced His Fears While Shooting ‘Emancipation’


We chat with the legendary cinematographer about finding a unique, almost black-and-white image for Antoine Fuqua’s new film. Why did it scare the hell out of him?

An inanimate object holding a sword in Infinite

‘Infinite’ Ends Soon Enough, Thankfully


A hodgepodge of ideas better executed elsewhere and dragged down by an uninterested lead actor.

Antoine Fuqua The Equalizer

Antoine Fuqua Takes Aim at the Time-Travel Thriller ‘Infinite’


The director of ‘The Equalizer’ will take a bold and decisive step closer toward the realm of genre movies.


‘The Equalizer 2’ Should Be Your Most Anticipated Movie of 2018


Antoine Fuqua and Denzel Washington’s follow-up to their 2014 TV show adaptation will be unlike any other movie.

Scarface Al Pacino

‘Scarface’ Reboot Courts Antoine Fuqua Yet Again


A new ‘Scarface’ could be an ideal update on a classic tale of the American Dream if it ever sees the light of day.