The Return of the Dragon and… Jack Black?

By  · Published on February 25th, 2010

It’s a little known fact that Stephen Chow is a huge fan of the show Community. He has to be, otherwise how could he know that Jack Black’s kick to the face of Joel McHale would invoke such obvious comparisons to Chuck Norris? There hasn’t been a kick to the face like that since Norris let Joe Piscipo have it good in 1992’s Sidekicks. Chow was watching – in awe like the rest of us – looked down at his script for his next project and had visions of Jack Black clad in the manliest of chest hair that has been matched only by Robin Williams in the history of cinema.

Channelnewsasia reports that Chow is making his Hollywood debut – after opting out of the Green Hornet project – as both director and star of Tai Chi, a film based on Bruce Lee’s own directorial and acting vehicle Way of the Dragon, aka Return of the Dragon. The original film was about a Chinese immigrant moving to Italy to assist his relatives with their restaurant business, only to become its sole protector against a local crime syndicate. The film is most famous for its final showdown in the famed Colosseum between Lee and the yet-to-become action megastar Chuck Norris.

Jack Black has signed on to appear in the film with Chow, as well as fellow A-lister Anne Hathaway. It’s currently unreported what role Black is set to play, but all the clues are there. His supreme kicking ability was displayed on Community, his vocal chops to sound like a martial artist were in full force for Kung-Fu Panda, and he’s already tackled the Missing in Action-esque war picture with Tropic Thunder. After he takes on Bruce Lee in Tai Chi Jack Black would only need to become a Texas lawman to complete the career “Norris Slam.” The first to do so.

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