Stephen King Making A ‘Home Delivery’ To A Theater Near You

By  · Published on September 11th, 2009

What Cole Abaius wants, Cole Abaius gets.

Luckily that’s not even remotely true otherwise Reject HQ (and perhaps the world) would be over-run with mimes, lime Jell-o, and men in short pants. But it seems he has gotten at least one wish in the past couple days. Just yesterday he posted a list of 10 Stephen King Stories That Should Be Films, and while we have to forgive his ignorance in listing “The Cat From Hell” which we all know already hit the big screen as part of Tales From The Darkside: The Movie, the rest of his choices are pretty solid.

And just a day later comes word that one of his suggestions is already in pre-production. Dread Central reports that Ryuhei Kitamura (The Midnight Meat Train) is attached to direct King’s “Home Delivery” from a script by John and Paul Buckholts. The official synopsis of the short story:

Maddie Pace is a young, pregnant widow whose husband recently died in a fishing boat accident. When reanimated dead bodies start attacking the living, the only defense is to destroy the dead and burn the pieces. It isn’t long before Maddie must confront the zombie of her dead husband and decide if she is strong enough to watch him die all over again.”

There’s not much more to report at this point, so I’ll just say that if Kitamura does succeed in getting this made I hope to hell it doesn’t get picked up by Lionsgate. Midnight Meat Train wasn’t a fantastic movie, but it was good and deserved far better release schedule and roll-out.

If Cole could make any wish for you, what would you have him wish for?

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