‘Step Up Revolution’ Trailer: Moves, Miami, Moose, and So Much More

By  · Published on March 30th, 2012

There are few cinematic genres that can deliver as much minute-for-minute audience joy as a well-executed dance film. Summit Entertainment’s Step Up franchise has consistently delivered productions that are, at the very least, wildly entertaining. Though 2010’s Step Up 3D struck me as a misfire (let’s be honest here – Rick Malambri may be easy on the eyes, but the boy can’t dance off-camera fast enough), its predecessors were fun, frisky endeavors that sold the dancing, even when their stories were a little weak.

I might not be phrasing this correctly. I love Step Up. Unabashedly. It’s my exact brand of popcorn movie; some people like Transformers, I like Step Up. I’m smiling from ear to ear just thinking about this first trailer for the franchise’s fourth film, Step Up Revolution. Plainly – if you like Step Up, you’re going to like this. I will likely love it.

Though the film’s action is moved to Miami (from previous settings in Baltimore and New York), the trailer still features some standard Step Up elements – badass moves, inventive routines, a vague baddie (played by Peter Gallagher of all people!), sexy stars, and protest art. Uh, protest art? That’s right, Step Up is going Occupy – with their moves. But beyond that, longtime fans of the series are in for a real treat, as it looks like everyone’s favorite sidekick with a heart of gold and limbs of rubber is back. That’s right. Moose.

Step Up Revolution opens on July 27.