Spike Lee’s Latest Film Is Now a Kickstarter Joint

By  · Published on July 22nd, 2013

Riding high off the publicity for his Oldboy remake, Spike Lee is now the latest celebrity to hit Kickstarter with an impassioned plea for why you should give him lots of money. On his official Kickstarter page, Lee speaks about the current climate for independent film; what could pass as a budget when he was first breaking into the business is now just a drop in a very, very large bucket. He offers up his entire filmography as a body of work as proof that this Kickstarter is a legitimate filmmaking venture, and offers a handful of details about the film’s plot. Lee’s hypothetical latest film will chronicle people who are addicted to blood the way others are addicted to drugs or sex (although he promises the film will still have plenty of sex).

The $1.25m goal may seem drastically steep, but keep in mind that stranger things have happened. This spring saw the Veronica Mars movie bank over $5m, while Zach Braff’s Garden State follow-up pulled in just over $3m. And a scant few hours into the Kickstarter has already netted Lee close to $12,000 – presumably that number will rise dramatically as the news starts to spread.

For Spike Lee fans, this is a dream come true. The juicier pledges receive autographs, special screenings, and roles as extras, while $10,000 nets you dinner and a Knicks game with the director himself. For non-Lee fans, well, this is just one more way not to spend your money. Although the best way to look at this Kickstarter would likely be through the lens of Lee’s Oldboy remake, which only a scant few have actually seen. One super-violent film would certainly be affected by the one that comes immediately after.

The Kickstarter for “The Newest Hottest Spike Lee Joint” will last until Wednesday, August 21 at 12:15AM EDT.

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