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Sundance Review: ‘Be Kind Rewind’ is Michel Gondry for Regular Folks


Jack Black and Mos Def remake all of your old favorites in this brilliant comedy from director Michel Gondry.

The Ten Best Films of Sundance ’08


I had the honor of seeing a lot of great films this year in Park City — many of which I will be following throughout the year until they are released for everyone to see.

Sundance: ‘The Wackness’ Wins the Dramatic Audience Award


One of my personal favorites of the festival was also the hands down audience favorite as well.

Sundance Blog: It’s Quiet Now


We missed Quentin, saw Olivia and finally found out what the big deal was with that Hamlet 2 movie…

Sundance Review: ‘Sugar’ Can’t Survive on Heart Alone


From the directors of ‘Half Nelson’ comes a slowly paced drama about a Dominican baseball player coming to America.

Sundance Blog: Interviews, Snow and Surprises


Sundance rolls on, and with no sleep and plenty more work to do, I keep rolling as well.

Sundance Review: Assassination of a High School President


Director Brett Simon and a talented cast deliver a vision of a John Hughes-style noir flick that is smart, sexy and thoroughly entertaining.

Sundance Review: Quentin Tarantino Presents Hell Ride


Director Larry Bishop brings the fun with his modern day Grindhouse biker flick.

Sundance Review: Adventures of Power


Be prepared to be charmed… for at least the first 10 minutes.