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Foreign Objects: The Machine Girl


The 9th Annual Golden Trailer awards honored the best previews of the year this week, with one very obvious omission — the best trailer of the year: The Machine Girl.

Foreign Objects: Jackie Chan’s Armour of God I & II


In honor of Indiana Jones week here at FSR, today’s installment of Foreign Objects will take a look at the best Raiders of the Lost Ark homage/rip-off ever made. Luckily (and not coincidentally) it just so happens to be a foreign film.

The Proper Care and Feeding of an American Messiah


From the elongated name to its Sahara-dry wit, An American Messiah is indie all around the edges. It borrows from the awkward-stare classroom of comedy that Christopher Guest perfected and Michael Scott made new again, but director Christopher Hansen and company have chosen to focus on The Almighty. Sort of.

Prince Caspian Will Have His Portrait Done as Dorian Gray


While he’s brandishing a sword at the box office to fight for Narnia now, Ben Barnes will soon be stepping out of the chain mail and into the picture frame. He’s signed on to play the title role for a new adaptation of the Oscar Wilde novel “The Picture of Dorian Gray.”

Outrage! Calumny! Uwe Boll’s Postal Won’t Be In a Theater Near You!


Despite fans clamoring, waiting nearly twenty years, the brilliant viral marketing campaign and the constant positive media buzz, Uwe Boll’s latest piece of genius has been yanked from all 150 billion theaters that is was going to play in next weekend.

George Clooney Can Blow Up Goats with His Mind


In the Senationalist Headline department today, we’ve received news that the embodied reincarnation of Hollywood’s Golden Age is going to challenge the limits of an audiences patience by staring at a goat on screen for two hours.

Want to Go to The Dark Knight Premiere?


If you’ve got a desperate itch to see The Dark Knight after walking down the red carpet or want to clink champagne glasses with Christian Bale, the fine folks over at Charity Buzz are giving you a great opportunity.

Jason Reitman’s Next is ‘Up in the Air’


It appears that we now know what mysterious book will be the source material for Juno director Jason Reitman’s next film: Walter Kirn’s “Up in the Air”.

W Gets Another Croney


In the News We’re Required By Law To Care About section today, the final piece of the W puzzle fell into place as Toby Jones joined the cast of Oliver Stone’s Bush Biopic.