SDCC: Kevin Feige Reveals Line-up for The Avengers

By  · Published on July 26th, 2009

If you’ve been following Comic-Con 2009, you may already know that Marvel Studios’ presentation for Iron Man 2, which took place yesterday afternoon, figuratively blew the lid off of Hall H at the San Diego Convention Center. Once again, director Jon Favreau brought stunning footage to the Con and wowed fans with first looks at Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow and Don Cheadle as War Machine. But more on that later, as our man on the scene Robert Fure will be checking in with his own report.

Following the panel presentation, Marvel Studios President of Production Kevin Feige sat down to speak with a group of journalists to talk about Iron Man 2 and various other upcoming Marvel projects, including The Avengers. According to Collider, who was part of the group of journos, Feige revealed the line-up for The Avengers. The film will include appearances by Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Nick Fury and Black Widow. See below for the direct quote:

Kevin: I think we know. It’s going to be Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Nick Fury. I think it’s safe to assume that there will be some members of the Hulk universe in the film as well. In terms of the additional, I think Black Widow for sure. SHIELD’s organization for sure. And, again, what’s exciting to me about the Avengers movie are seeing those four characters together and interact with each other. Anywhere from the first issue of the Avengers to Civil War, the dynamic between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark is awesome and fascinating. It brings out sides of the others that won’t be brought out in their own franchises. Throwing Thor into the mix is a whole other thing and I think that will be cool. So to pile in another ten or fifteen…or frankly even four…I think will be too many.

Feige also went on to skate around the question of whether or not The Hulk will make an appearance, saying simply that writer Zack Penn is currently working on outlining the film. Translation: things could always change.

The Avengers is scheduled to hit theaters May 4, 2010.

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