Saying Goodbye to Carrie Fisher and Forget You to 2016

By  · Published on December 28th, 2016

The Shot List wraps up our #2016Rewind.


“I don’t want my life to imitate art, I want my life to be art.” – Carrie Fisher


+ Movie of the Year: Moonlight
+ Filmmaker of the Year: A24
+ Scene of the Year: Swiss Army Man
+ Performer of the Year: Isabelle Huppert
+ The 16 Most Beautiful Shots of The Movies of 2016
+ The Best Movies of 2016: Critic’s Picks
+ The Best Movies of 2016: Staff Picks
+ The Best Movies of 2016: Interns Picks
+ The Best Movie Trailers of 2016
+ The Best Horror Movies of 2016
+ Our 2016 Year End Montage by Fernando Andres
+ The Best Foreign-Language Movies of 2016
+ The Most Disappointing Movies of 2016
+ The Most Enduring Movie Moment of 2016
+ The Best Action Movies of 2016
+ The Best Sci-fi and Fantasy Movies of 2016
+ The Best Movies You Missed in 2016
+ The Best Movie Fashion of 2016
+ Our 10 Favorite Video Essays of 2016


+ The Blues Brothers (1980) in honor of Carrie Fisher


+ She will be missed
+ We look back at her career
+ Her unsung work as a script doctor
+ Her work as a mental health advocate was vital

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