Rosario Dawson Cajoled Into Breeding With Kevin James By ‘The Zookeeper’

We make it sound like it could be some kind of twisted, psycho-sexual, torture porn thriller don’t we?  But no.  It’s a romantic comedy.

Variety reports that Rosario Dawson (Seven Pounds) has signed to star with Kevin James (Paul Blart: Mall Cop) in the upcoming film, The Zookeeper.  James plays a romantically inept zookeeper who receives help from the animals on the art of dating, mating, and masturbating.  (Maybe not so much that last part, but I was in a rhyming mood.)  Dawson will have to muster all of her formidable talent to play the love interest.

It’s not clear yet if the animals will actually talk or if they’ll just mime their way through the plot, but being a Happy Madison (Adam Sandler) production we should probably expect lots of hilarious animal farts.  The movie will be directed by Frank Coraci who made the funny and sweet The Wedding Singer in 1998 and has been sliding downhill ever since.

Do you want to see Kevin James fornicating with Rosario Dawson?

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