‘Robot and Frank’ Trailer: Frank Langella Is Going to Teach a Robot How to Rob Your House

By  · Published on June 25th, 2012

Technology is meant to make our lives easier ‐ from the brain-crushing minutiae of everyday work to world-changing scientific advancements, the possibilities of technology are endless. And, in Jake Schreier’s Robot and Frank, those possibilities even include criminal activities. In the director’s first feature, Schreier imagines (thanks to Christopher D. Ford’s original screenplay) a world where technology has advanced to the point that most homes now have their very own helper robot. The new robot tech is gradually taking over supposedly mindless jobs ‐ inside and outside the home ‐ including serving as nifty companions to the elderly.

Salty old Frank (Frank Langella) isn’t too sold on the idea of robots (to put it mildly), so he’s quite put out when his kids (James Marsden and Liv Tyler) provide him with his own robo-helper. While Frank initially balks at the new addition to his home, the pair eventually form a bit of a friendship ‐ which former jewel thief Frank then totally exploits in order to get back in the gem-heisting game. What a nice old man! Check out Langella robbing his neighbors with his robot pal in the first trailer for Robot and Frank after the break.

The film premiered in January at Sundance, where I saw and reviewed it, and while I deemed it “workably charming,” the film frequently lags and sags, never quite fulfilling the promise of its premise or its very strong first act. We’ll just have to see what audiences think when the film opens in limited release on August 24. [Yahoo! Movies, via Cinema Blend]